AWS Global Infrastructure

AWS Global Infrastructure

In this blog, I will provide detailed information about AWS Global Infrastructure.

what is a data center?

A data center is a physical location that stores computing machines and their related hardware equipment.

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What is an availability zone?

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An Availability Zone is a public cloud providers data center that has its own network connectivity and power. There are multiple Availability Zones in a region. An availability Zone is a single data center or group of data centers in a region.

What is a Region?

regions are geographical locations worldwide where the data centers owned by public cloud providers reside. The region has multiple availability zones in it. each region is isolated and independent from every other region.

Different Regions:

AWS Edge Locations:

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These are mini data centers that are available across all the cities in the world. Edge Locations are situated separately from main regions in a cloud network. They store copies of stuff– videos, music, and more. When a user wants something, AWS grabs it from the nearest pit stop and delivers the content faster. Local zones

What is a Local Zones?

Local Zones provide you the ability to place resources, such as computing and storage, in multiple locations closer to your end users.

These are few list of Regions and availability zones :

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AWS has over 100 data centers globally, covering 31 AWS Regions, 99 Availability Zones, over 400 edge locations/local zones, and 245 countries and territories.