How to Recreate a Default VPC or Default Subnet in AWS if Deleted

In this blog, I will explain how to recreate a default Virtual Private Cloud or default subnet if it has been intentionally or accidentally deleted.

Step1: An instant solution is to change the region in your AWS account, enabling you to deploy instances.

Step 2:

Another approach is to create a default VPC... let's see how to do it.

Step1: Go to the VPC dashboard, then click on 'Your VPCs'...

Step2:Then click on 'Actions,' and select 'Create Default VPC'.

Step 3:Success, your default vpc is created

If you unexpectedly delete your subnets and manually create new ones, it's not a recommended approach. The created subnets might lack compatibility with the existing VPC. In such cases, consider deleting the existing default VPC and recreating it.